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A Surprising Change Leader - Your Business Analyst

Identify opportunities for self-improvement and conceive of changes that can make you more successful

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A Surprising Change Leader - Your Business Analyst

This paper describes 10 vital steps of programme management that must be done right in order for organisations to successfully deliver the benefits of change initiatives.

The most successful organisations are able to identify opportunities for selfimprovement and conceive of changes that can make them more efficient, more successful and better equipped to achieve their goals. But, all too often, these new ideas get discussed, everyone resoundingly agrees they’re a good idea and then, somehow, the changes fail to work. However, it usually isn’t the actual idea that flops; it’s the implementation and adoption process. What most companies don’t realise is that the leader who can help them champion major change is already on staff and ready to be utilised: the Business Analyst.

Your Business Analysts Are Uniquely Qualified

Given their inherent skill set, Business Analysts are naturally suited to lead and integrate major organisation-wide change. By utilising techniques and expertise they already employ on a daily basis—critical thinking, problem solving, modelling current vs. future state, facilitation—Business Analysts are primed to help shepherd the entire change management process.