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Culture Shock: Could this be why your projects fail?

How Organisational Dynamics Can Facilitate – or Impede – Project Success

Brief_Culture ShockWhile most organisations today recognise the importance of projects as a way to get strategic work accomplished, many fail to recognise that the existing culture within their business may be a barrier to success. Project failures are not usually a result of a lack of tools or methodology. Rather, a clash of organisational dynamics and leaders’ inability to manage the people side of projects can quickly derail things.

Culture Shock: Could this be why your projects fail? discusses:

  • How different entities – departments, teams, partners, and vendors – involved in shared initiatives can each have their own unique culture
  • The importance of “starting small” to begin a culture shift
  • Specific tools organisational leaders can use to identify cultural misalignment and take actionable steps to change

Culture is a key driver of organisational strategy, but it’s an element that needs to be given continuous attention by adaptive leaders, and revisited and tweaked as projects, people, and their environment change.