Building a PMO: A Blueprint for Success

You’ve Been Asked to Set Up a PMO: What Next?

Blueprint for Setting up a PMOAs corporations seek every possible competitive and operational advantage, project management is gaining new momentum and importance. Today, however, corporations are looking beyond the traditional definitions of project management offices (PMOs). Organisations seek PMOs that can help reinforce the connections between project-based work and strategic goals. They also look to modern PMOs to bring operational excellence to the increasing percentage of project-based work that is done to forward business initiatives across all departments. 

This brief discusses:

  • The business case for the PMO and how it has changed
  • Steps to take in building your PMO operating plan
  • The new, strategic role of the PMO: how to establish it and how to grow it through best practices, communication and training

If you’ve been asked to set up a PMO, this brief can serve as your action plan. It provides an overview of the elements needed for your PMO business case and operating plan, and offers insight, practical advice, and basic definitions along the way. It’s meant to accelerate your journey to PMO success.