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Project Status: It's Complicated

How Adaptive Leaders Make Sense of Complexity

Project Status: It's ComplicatedAs project-based work has grown across organisations and industries, so too has the complexity of the business world. Leaders today are challenged to operate in a world with more unknowns and more stakeholders than ever before. How do they make sense of all this complexity? In order to drive projects forward, adaptive leaders must be able to recognise, diagnose, and adapt to the inevitable shifts in their environment. Understanding the different operating contexts in which projects exist can help leaders decide which tools and approaches will be effective to apply to their work.

Project Status: It's Complicated discusses:

  • Key characteristics of a complicated vs. complex business environment
  • How adaptive leadership focuses heavily on a relationship-based approach
  • The iterative process of navigating back and forth across the complexity chasm

Complexity is here to stay and it requires a different mindset and new skills. The extent to which project leaders can understand and respond to changes in their environment will dictate how successful they are in guiding projects to success.