How Leaders Can Improve Their Thinking Agility

The Skills Most CEOs Cite as a Weakness

Article_How Leaders Can Improve Thinking AgilityWhile there are strategies to help to better react to a changing business environment, the strongest skill leaders have to develop in order to effectively adapt is agile thinking. In this article, Jesse Sostrin from PwC’s U.S. Leadership Coaching Centre of Excellence shares three strategies to help leaders increase their thinking agility.

How Leaders Can Improve Their Thinking Agility discusses:

  • Insights from PwC on the skills CEOs are looking for from their teams
  • Finding your 'sweet spots' and gaps in thinking agility
  • Adapting to a constantly shifting work environment

A leader’s ability to dynamically reflect amid a shifting business landscape is a vital skill that can be developed. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your thinking is crucial as you strive to be an effective manager and problem solver.