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The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme (ASEP), developed in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, is designed to extend the mindset, tool set, and skill set of project leaders, enabling them to thrive in increasingly unpredictable work environments. 

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Implementing Lean and Agile Practices within Your Organisation

Strategy Execution is refreshing its entire Agile curriculum to provide a Lean and Agile training curriculum that is adaptable to our clients’ individual needs and business goals.

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University Partnerships

Adaptive Strategic Execution

Business today demands a new approach to achieve strategic goals. Organisational leaders need to continuously align and adjust strategy and work, while ensuring their people have the right mindset and capabilities to meet the ever-changing demands of an increasingly uncertain environment.

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Case Studies: After the Training Success Stories

Real Applications of Strategy Execution and Project Leadership. See how a cross-section of industry leaders has leveraged our training to accomplish their goals and improve team performance.

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